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Remember those spectacular comic ads full of amazing magic tricks and funny pranks which mesmerized you as a kid? Who could forget the garlic tasting chewing gum or the X-ray specs which allowed you to see through your hand...or even someone's clothes!

Timeless Classics From the Best In The Business"
We carry these same legendary magic tricks and pranks as seen on TV as well as in comic ads throughout the years.

"No Skill Required"
Many of the easy magic tricks sold on our online magic trick shop are so amazingly simple to learn, you'll be the life of the party within minutes!

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Our huge discounts allow you to keep more money where it belongs...in your own pockets. Get ready for fantastic savings on all sorts of easy magic tricks and funny pranks!

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Purchasing from us is easy, reliable, and FAST. All domestic orders are shipped by Priority Mail. Your easy magic tricks and funny pranks will usually arrive at your doorstep within 4 business days. 

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These Are The Same Tricks You've Seen Magicians Do On TV - And Now You Can Do Them Too!

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Top Ten Funmakers

  1. Svengali Deck
  2. Invisible Deck
  3. Joy Buzzer Hand Buzzer
  4. Dime & Penny Trick
  5. Thumb Tip
  6. Fantastic Coin
  7. Money Maker
  8. Mystic Smoke
  9. Spiffy Coin Trick
  10. Tree of Diamonds Card Trick

Top Ten New Arrivals

  1. Animated Bill
  2. Happy Bird - Drinking Bird
  3. Art of Levitation
  4. Crossing Over
  5. Diminishing Cards
  6. Floating Dollar
  7. Flowers From Fingertips
  8. Haunty Hanky
  9. Lethal Tender
  10. Match Up Nose

Top Ten Classic Gags

  1. Whoopie Cushion
  2. Joy Buzzer - Hand Buzzer
  3. X-Ray Specs
  4. Black Soap
  5. Bug Ice Cube
  6. Fake Dog Poop - Fake Dog Crap
  7. Exhaust Whistle
  8. Itch Powder
  9. Sneeze Powder
  10. Relighting Candles

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