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    Swami Gimmick
    There are some effects in conjuring that convey to the lay audience an impression of "real magic", devoid of any props or apparatus and apparently working by some supernatural means. Amongst these are various categories of mental magic, including predictions. One of the best gimmicks ever created for predictions is the Swami Gimmick, or nail writer..
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    Shrunken Head
    A genuine imitation shrunken head. You'll be telling tales of your adventures in Peru during which time you came upon a lost tribe of head hunters. A great conversation piece! ..
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    Svengali Deck
    The most popular trick deck of all time! Predict the exact card a spectator will choose Change EVERY card in the deck to the same card chosen by your spectator Easy to use No sleights necessary - The deck does all the work for you! The Svengali Deck is used by amateur as well as professional magicians alike. David Blaine amazed his..
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    Flowers From Fingertips
    Showing his empty hand, the magician reaches into the air and produces a beautiful flower at his finger-tips. He throws the flower into a hat, again shows his empty hand, then produces another flower. This may be repeated as many times as desired. At conclusion, the hat is filled with flowers which the magician can graciously pass out to the ladies..
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    Pop Up Tie Gimmick
    Greatest Comedy Gag of the Century! No magician or practical joker is complete without a gimmick tie gag.  A knockout, even if you don't use it in your act you'll want to wear one just for fun.  Any tie of your own may be used.  No special tie, none is supplied.  The gimmick is entirely hidden in your tie.  Nothing has t..
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    Phony Arm Cast
    Real looking - imitation white plaster arm cast. Regulation size to fit teenager's or adult's arm. Easy to put on. Complete with arm sling. ..
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Happy Bird
     The Amazing Original Happy Drinking Bird!  Once he starts drinking, he almost never stops! Fun For The Whole Family. Makes A Great Gift Idea! ..
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    X-Ray Specs
    Scientific optical principle really works! Imagine---you put on the "X-Ray" Specs and hold your hand in front of you. You seem to be able to look right through the flesh and see the bones underneath. Look at your friend. Is that really his body that you "see" under his clothes? Loads of laughs and fun at parties. ..
13 Steps To Mentalism
The "bible" for magicians interested in "Mental Magic".  Subjects discussed are: Swami Gimmi..
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Ultimate 3 Card Monte
Michael Skinner's vast working repertoire, larger perhaps than any other magician in history, contai..
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Hummer Card Trick
Bob Hummer's Whirling Card has become one of the most popular magic tricks of the last 10 years. ..
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Evil Wizard Mask
Evil Wizard mask with Long Hair and Beard! Great for Halloween or worn while performing magic tricks..
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Here is the perfect holiday gift for the guy or gal who likes magic. It's a stocking filled with eig..
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Surprising Glass
It looks like a real glass but when you pick it up it collapses. ..
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A rabbit suddenly appears in an empty tube. This apparatus may be used for the production of live an..
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Invisible Deck
The magician takes "two" decks from his pocket and sets them on the table - one deck is real and one..
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